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The Great Mosque and the Armenian Church of Sivrihisar

on 10/09/2015
Ulu Cami

Ulu Cami

Ulu Cami, also known as the Great Mosque in English and the Armenian Church are the two unmissable jewels of Sivrihisar.

Located in the very centre of the small town, Ulu Cami reopened its doors to the congregation in the spring of 2015, after two years of renovation. Its modest façade hides an astonishing interior architecture.

When you enter the mosque you will witness an impressive décor. The wooden framework is supported by 67 wooden columns, spread over a surface of 1485 m2, which makes Ulu Cami the biggest Anatolian mosque of its kind.

The minbar (the pulpit in a mosque) made of carved walnut is an exceptional work of art. The upper halves of some of the columns are also carved and a few of the stone capitals are of Byzantine origin. They rest upon stone plinths, some of which are sculpted as well.

This mosque was built in 1274 at the request of some of the disciples of Rumi, the biggest Sufi mystic of the Muslim world and was renovated for the first time in 1440.

When you leave the centre of Sivrihisar and wander towards the rocky promontory, you will find the impressive and superb Armenian Church of Surp Yerrortutyun. Built in 1881, it once welcomed the Armenian congregation of Sivrihisar.

Surp Yerrortutyun Church

Surp Yerrortutyun Church

Its façade was constructed in ashlar masonry and the door pediment is richly adorned. The door opens onto a large nave with the baptistery room on one side and the priests’ chamber on the other.

This religious building with an exceptional acoustic has recently been renovated and will most probably be hosting cultural events, such as exhibitions and concerts, in the upcoming months.

Walking the streets of Sivrihisar, you will discover other interesting monuments, such as the Kılıç minaret and the mausoleum Alemşah Kümbeti.

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