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Sivrihisar, a small Anatolian town that’s well worth seeing

on 10/09/2015
Traditional houses of Sivrihisar

Traditional houses of Sivrihisar

Located approximately 100 kilometres south-east of Eskişehir, the small Anatolian town of Sivrihisar counts just over 20 000 inhabitants. Little-known to most tourists, it has an interesting heritage and is worth a visit.

Within its paved alleys, you will find an important number of traditional Ottoman houses, a lot of which have been successfully renovated.

Their façades, some of them colourful, some of them of an immaculate whiteness, are in perfect harmony with the wooden doors, windows and traditional frameworks of the region.

Atop the rocky promontory that forms the background of Sivrihisar’s landscape is the clock tower. It was built 1899 at the request of the prefect of the time Mahmut bey. It still rings every hour in a very pleasant way.

March 24 1922 is an important date in the history of Sivrihisar, as the small town welcomes Commander in chief Mustafa Kemal, future founder of the Republic of Turkey, and his right-hand man Ismet Paşa. The two men will meet with another ten deputies at Zaimağa Konağı, a magnificent traditional house, in order to create the different ministries of the future republic.

Zaimağa Konağı

Zaimağa Konağı

It is possible to visit Zaimağa Konağı. However, you will have to go to the town hall first as you have to be accompanied by an employee during the visit. Inside you will discover, among other things, some superbly carved wooden cupboard.


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