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Eskişehir, an Anatolian city full of treasures

on 07/08/2015
Porsuk River

Porsuk River

Eskişehir is located 315 km away from Istanbul and is reachable by high speed train in 2 and a half hours and by bus in 4 to 5 hours depending on the coach station. This Anatolian city has many assets that are likely to appeal to tourists.

The tree enthusiasts will undoubtedly be seduced by the quality of the environment in this city that counts 700 000 inhabitants. Eskişehir has indeed many parks and the countless trees are much appreciated in summer as they help cooling the air.

The Porsuk River that flows through the city has been enhanced with ornate bridges and statues that are rather pleasing to the eye.

You can also take a mini cruise on the river where riverboats and gondolas might remind you of Strasbourg and Venice.

There are many cycle paths in Eskişehir and you can easily hire a bike on the square located in the city centre next to the prefecture.

Nice day for a bike ride

Nice day for a bike ride

The city also has several baths. Very popular among the locals, you might want to try them during your stay.

The name Eskişehir means “old” or “ancient city” in Turkish and refers most probably to the city’s history that goes back 1000 years.

Its treasures are countless. In our following articles we will discover the district of Odun Pazarı and its magnificent traditional Ottoman houses, the Kurşunlu Mosque complex, as well as the typical stone Meerschaum (German for sea foam), used to create beautiful artifacts.

We will also talk about the Archaeological, Glass, Meerschaum and Caricature Museums, all located in the city centre and well worth a visit.

Meanwhile, why not try the local culinary specialty çiğbörek, a deep-fried turnover filled with minced meat and onions.


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