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Çınarlı and Saraylar, two villages located on Marmara Island

on 06/08/2015
On the way to Saraylar

On the way to Saraylar

In our previous post we discovered Marmara Island and its main village of the same name.

Among the six villages on the island, two more are worth seeing: Çınarlı, located 4 km north-west of Marmara and Saraylar, 29 km north-east.

Both can be reached by public transport. There is an hourly minibus service to Çınarlı and a public bus twice a day to Saraylar.

Çınarlı was formerly called Kalemi and Galimi. Appreciated by Turkish families for its beach and its serenity, the village has several impressive plane trees, one of which is a thousand years old and was the subject of a Turkish poem. The park where these gigantic trees are located is popular among the locals who go there to escape the sun and the children who like to play in the trees, while a few goats merrily graze in the surroundings.

On the road to Saraylar, ancient Palatia, slightly below a curve you will see the pretty church of St. Nicholas which was renovated a few years ago.

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church

Further on the journey, a bay where the sea is emerald green, as well as the donkey islands will catch your eye.

On the left hand side of the main road you will find Turkey’s first marble factory. Indeed, the island was already renowned in ancient times for its white marble with blue veins, notably used to build Constantinople.

Saraylar has an outdoor archaeological museum where a few dozen of regional marble statues are exhibited.

There are also several hiking trails on the island, especially in Saraylar where the 709-metre high Nato Hill is located. Unfortunately, the many rabbits and foxes also attract some hunters.


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