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Moda, a haven of tranquillity in Istanbul for a relaxing day out with your family

on 27/06/2015
Un endroit idéal pour se promener en famille à Istanbul

The ideal place for a stroll

Once you have seen all the busy tourist attractions in Istanbul, you may seek a bit of peace and quiet.

Moda, located in the district of Kadiköy on the Asian shore of the city, is without a doubt one of the most agreeable places to spend time with your family.

A wide walkway, as well as a cycle path, follow the shore and the pretty gardens and if you take the stairs that wind through the greenery, you will reach the residential area and the tea gardens.

When you sit on the rocks or the benches featured on the dyke, you can see Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque

During the summer months, especially on weekends, you will also witness a multitude of sailing boats and yachts.

The green areas along the shore make Moda the ideal place for a picnic.

Further down the promenade you will reach a small stone road erected on the water that leads to the historic Moda jetty, built in 1916-1917 by famous architect Vedat.

The building is currently being renovated, however, it is normally a popular place among the locals who go there to have breakfast, or just for a cup of tea.

In the immediate vicinity, you will find another famous spot frequented by connoisseurs: Koço Restaurant. Named after its Greek owner who built the original tavern in 1928, this place has a very peculiar feature. Indeed, there is a sacred spring in the garden where people come to pray and light candles.

Not far from there, when you go towards Kadiköy, you can take a break at Ali Dondurmaci, one of the most popular ice cream shops in Istanbul. Those of you with a sweet tooth will undoubtedly leave this place with some excellent memories.

Hopefully you will enjoy a relaxing and gourmet day out in this pleasant area of Istanbul that hasn’t yet been invaded by tourists.


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