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Political bunting in Istanbul

on 28/05/2015
Stands électoraux à Büyükada


       Tourists who are currently visiting Istanbul will notice that the streets are decorated with countless flags.

Fanions colorés à OsmanbeyThese peculiar decorations are part of the political campaign for the general election that will be held on June 7, 2015.

Turkish political parties have several ways of making themselves heard.

The first and most common one is to hang flag garlands wherever possible.

Information stands are set up in strategic locations, such as the main square in Eminönü or the ferry terminal to the Princes’ Islands, thus allowing communication with the passing crowd.

You will also see (and hear) a lot of campaign vehicles with loudspeakers and pictures of the candidates, as well as giant placards on buildings.

Some parties even hire busses to tour the streets with their supporters who frantically wave flags and banners.

This original way of campaigning that cannot be seen in other European countries might surprise the tourists.

Once the election is over, it will be time for a different custom, fasting during the month of Ramadan, which will once again have some consequences on the local scenery.

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