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Spices, dried fruits and other mouth-watering temptations at the Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul

on 21/05/2015
Fruits secs au bazar égyptien d'Istanbul

Spice bazar in Istanbul

       Located in the district of Eminönü, opposite the Galata Bridge and next to the New Mosque, the Egyptian Bazaar (Misir Çarsisi in Turkish) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul.

Bazar égyptien d'IstanbulThis L-shaped covered market was built in 1663 by architect Mustafa Aga at Turhan Hatice Sultan’s request, hence its original name Valide Çarsisi (valide meaning the sultan’s mother in Turkish).

Its English name Spice Bazaar comes from the fact that it was originally entirely dedicated to the trade of spices, condiments and medicinal plants from Oriental countries, as well as Italy and other European kingdoms.

Rebuilt in 1943 and currently being renovated, the Spice Bazaar is particularly busy in the afternoon, when hordes of tourists assail this place filled with mouth-watering temptations.

Au bazar égyptien d'IstanbulAround 90 shops, overflowing with diverse products, will catch your eye… and your wallet.

From the traditional lokum (Turkish delight), chewy sweet flavoured with hazelnuts, pistachios or rose extract, to apple tea, beverage traditionally served to tourists, and candied fruits, you will find all kinds of products in the bazaar.

Some go there to buy Iranian caviar or pastirma (air-dried cured beef), as well as, naturally, numerous spices, all more fragrant and colourful than the other.

For those who can resist all the gustatory delights on offer, there is also a multitude of carpet and gift shops, jewellers and other treasures, a real treat for your eyes.

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