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The new archaeological museum of Antioch

on 02/03/2015

Superb mosaics found in the area of Harbiye

      Since December 28 2014 the pretty city of Antioch (Antakya) can be proud of its new archaeological museum and its mosaics.

The building is located near St Peter’s Cave Church (a must-see for every tourist visiting Antioch) and replaces the old museum previously located in the city centre.

1700 diverse pieces from all over the region (Hatay Province) are exhibited in this magnificent place dedicated to culture.

The museum, which has a surface area of 16000m2 and is planned to be doubled in size, offers the visitors a complete overview of Hatay’s wealth and history.

The foundations of the building were laid in 2011 and the new museum prides itself on claiming to be among the most beautiful in the world and on offering all the qualities of a cultural institution that protects its property, explores and challenges the visitors.

There is also an art workshop for the children.

The main and finest artefacts of the museum are the superb mosaics found in the area of Harbiye. The setting in which they are exhibited undoubtedly enhances their beauty.

The mosaics are from a period between the 2nd and 6th century of the Common Era. They represent mythological and every day scenes. They are world famous for the quality of the technique employed, as well as the variety of the subjects covered.

You can go to this address to visit the virtual museum: http://www.hatayarkeolojimuzesi.gov.tr/HatayMuzeWeb/flash/main_EN.html

This is an extremely well designed website which gives the priceless artefacts the presentation they deserve.

In the “mosaic collection” part of the virtual museum you will find a brief explanation about each mosaic when you click on it. For a full-size picture and more detailed information please click on the “see in inventory” button.

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