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Istanbul paralyzed by snow during three days

on 23/02/2015

Snow in Istanbul

        It is not unusual to see the prestigious monuments of Istanbul and the shores of the Bosphorus whitened with snow. However the city witnessed much heavier snowfall than normal in the past three days.

Yesterday morning, the depth of snow measured by the specialized authorities was between 12 and 21 cm in Caddebostan and Suadiye on the Asian shore and in Florya on the European shore and reached up to 70 cm in some suburban districts.

All the flights, as well as maritime transport were stopped for two days. Traffic chaos hit the city, causing hundreds of accidents.

The children for their part were delighted to get two extra days off school.

An impressive amount of snowmen were built. In some areas such as the legendary Taksim Square and Gezi Park people were out sledging and skiing.

The mornings were quiet and the roads deserted way past the usual rush hours when the city wakes up.

Many companies authorized their employees to leave work early Tuesday afternoon due to paralyzed traffic where many vehicles got stuck for at least two hours.

Tourists and locals, all amazed by the weather, took a multitude of pictures of the monuments of Sultanahmet and the famous Istiklal Avenue. Even the residential areas were photographed and millions of shots were shared on social media sites.

Indeed the blizzard is not an everyday thing in Istanbul and the city was even given the nickname Small Siberia.

Three quarters of the rest of the country were also affected by the storm and all activities were disrupted.

The inhabitants of Istanbul are undoubtedly looking forward to the spring.

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