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The museum Saint Saviour in Chora in Istanbul

on 04/11/2014

Christ Pantocrator in St Sauveur in Chora

It is a must to visit the Museum of St. Slouis vuitton bags sale uk  aviour in Chora which lies inside the walls of Theodosius, near gate of Edirne.

Alternately a place of Christian and Muslim worship, it contains frescoes and mosaics that are among the finest visible specimens of Byzantine art in the world.

The first church was built by  click Justinian in the sixth century on the site of an ancient chapel. The building seen today was built between 1077 and 1801 at the request of Maria Doukas, stepmother of Alexis Comnenus first. Damaged during the first half of the thirteenth century, it was repaired and enlarged between 1315 and 1321 by Theodore Metochites, Treasury Minister of Andronicus II. It was during this period that it was  abercrombie and fitch outlet uk enriched with the mosaics and frescoes we see today.

Numerous biblical scenes are represented, from the fresco of the Last Judgment, the mosaic of the Dormition of the Virgin to the massacre of the innocents or the wedding at Cana. These works of art are rich and impressive in their accuracy.

The frescoes abercrombie and fitch outlet and mosaics follow a specific order divided into several groups, including the ancestors of Christ, the life of the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ childhood and the miracles are spread throught the building.

The north dome of the narthex is decorated with a medallion of the Virgin and Child surrounded by 12 ancestors of Mary. In the southern dome is a fresco with the medallion of Christ Pantocrator in the center and its généaologie in the abercrombie and fitch uk ribs of the dome.

During the reign of Beyazit II, the church will be transformed into a mosque in 1511 by the Grand Vizier, Atik Ali Paşa.

Converted into a museum in 1945, the site underwent extensive restoration work for over ten years. Experts of the American Institute of Byzantine Studies were in charge of restoring the treasures damaged by earthquakes and hidden under the paint and dust.

Now there are thousands of visitors from around the world who come to admire the daily mecca of Byzantine art.

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