Fouilltes de Sagalassos

Burdur, its lake and its magnificent houses

on 19/09/2014

Bakibey konağı – Burdur

      The city of Burdur lies on the shore of christian louboutin outlet uk the lake of the same name and is located approximately 130 km north-west of the seaside resort of Antalya.

Home to an amazing archaeology museum where you can see a multitude of findings discovered in Sagalassos and other archaeological christian louboutin outlet sites of the region, Burdur also has a very interesting historic city centre.

The impressive Great Mosque (Ulu cami) was built in 1300 on top of a hill. Next to it you will find the clock tower built in 1936.

In the surrounding narrow alleys there is charming market where many small artisans have their workshops. You here can watch them work through the windows.

Ancient houses are to be found almost everywhere, some of them sadly empty and derelict whilst others have been magnificently restored.

It is the case of Tas Oda, a sumptuous house from the 17th century. It was restored by the Ministry of Culture between 1978 and 1988 and was turned into an ethnographic museum. The house is open to visitors and has a lovely café in the garden.

Bakibey konagi is undoubtedly the most beautiful 17th-century house in Burdur and was opened to visitors in 2003. The reception room, situated on the first floor with the other rooms, is splendidly decorated from floor to ceiling. A sumptuous fireplace, stained glass and carved windows, painted woodworks, carpets and kilims ornate this impressive room. In the old kitchen situated next door you can see a variety of ancient utensils. This room opens onto a second chamber where you will find wax figures dressed in historical costumes.

Misirlilar evi is another pretty house built in the 19th century. Impeccably restored, it is owned by the prefecture and hosts social and cultural events.

An old Greek Orthodox church was recently transformed into a natural history museum.

As for the Burdur Lake, it is a haven for flamingos and white-headed ducks in winter and a great place for nautical sports in summer.http://www.theblc.co.uk/

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