Fouilltes de Sagalassos

Aglasun, a pretty village in the Taurus Mountains near Sagalassos

on 04/09/2014

Aglasun street

      The picturesque village of Dr Dre Beats Pro Aglasun in the Abercrombie And Fitch Outlet Burdur province is considered a mandatory stop for any visitors on their way to Sagalassos situated 7 km away.

Located at a height of 1140 m Abercrombie Outlet in a magnificent valley of the Taurus, Dr Dre Beats Studio  this lovely place will please all the Turkey lovers interested in the authenticity and profoundness of the culture.

At the heart of the village the 1000-year-old gigantic plane tree is listed and part of the heritage of the inhabitants who like to sit in its 

In the tea garden nearby several pieces of roman columns and pillars mingle amongst the vegetation.

Although the oldest Dr Dre Beats Solo HD 2.0  houses of the village are only 100 years old, some of the hidden historical remains are much more ancient than that. For instance, the small Seljukid hammam situated in one of the houses near the main square was built around 1220. It was part of a caravanserai that was destroyed in its entirety.

Some of the traditional stone and raw brick houses, such as the ones situated in the Bala area, are a very good example of the cheap beats by dre uk  rural architecture of the region. The ground floor is used as a storage place and an animal shelter in winter and people live on the upper floor.

The springs of Sagalassos once supplied the water for the numerous monumental fountains of Aglasun of which there are still a few remains cheap beats by dre sale here and there.

One of them is located in the inner yard of the oldest house of the village where there is also a roman sarcophagus and an oven which partially reuses an antic crematory urn.

The traditional market takes place every Friday and is a good opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Many pleasant Beats By Dre Studio walking routes sale will allow you to discover Aglasun and the neighbouring village of Yesilbasköy.

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