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Newlyweds and young boys flock to Eyüp during the spring and summer months

on 25/07/2014

Eyüp streets

    The neighbourhood of Eyüp is located on the shore of the Golden Horn and it is a historically important area for Turkey’s Muslims.

It is indeed where Sultan Eyüp, standard bearer of the Prophet Muhammad, was buried and his mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage.

There is always an impressive number of believers, local or not, in the mosque and it surroundings.

In the spring and summer months you can sometimes come across, in a very short lapse of time, over a dozen newlyweds, as well as newly circumcised young boys wearing their prince costumes.

For the conservative Muslims it is essential to go to Eyüp to pray.

The parade is near-constant in the afternoon.

Brides and grooms dressed in their finest attire try, sometimes with difficulty, to force their way through the crowd.

Little princes walk joyfully with their sceptres in one hand and an ice cream or a lollipop in the other, not forgetting that they are after all still children.

The parents are proud of their offspring and will usually allow you to take a picture of the star of the day.

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