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Şakirin Mosque, the most modern mosque in Turkey

on 04/07/2014

Şakirin mosque

Şakirin Mosque is situated in Üsküdar Istanbul, on the louboutin outlet uk Asian shore of the Bosphorus, and was opened in May 2009.

Located at the entrance of Karaca Ahmet Mezarligi, Istanbul’s largest Anatolian cemetery, this building does not bear any resemblance to any other mosque.

It has two minarets, each 35 metres high, and a dome of aluminium composite which louboutin outlet  brings a completely contemporary aesthetic to the building.

This astonishing place of worship was built by the Semiha Şakir Foundation in memory of Ibrahim and Semiha Şakir who always had a particular love for Istanbul.

For the first time in history and in modern Turkey the interior design of the mosque was entrusted to a female architect, Zeynep Fadillioglu, a great niece of Semiha Şakir.

The prayer hall can accommodate 500 worshipers. It has large windows on three sides and is here permanently bathed in natural light. The gorgeous turquoise and gold colored mihrab which indicates the direction of Mecca has a completely unusual rounded shape.

The minbar where the imam stands to deliver the Friday sermons is made of acrylic and looks incredibly light.

The walls are adorned with verses of the Koran and two glass libraries are also part of the decor.

The stunning asymmetrical chandelier is made of hundreds of water drop-shaped glass globes. The women’s section situated on the upper floor is specially designed to allow female worshipers to admire the magnificent light fixture.

This totally unusual and contemporary mosquehttp://www.cuteislam.co.uk/definitely deserves to be seen when you are in Üsküdar.

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