Fouilltes de Sagalassos

The Freshwater Streams of Istanbul

on 09/06/2014

Les Eaux Douces d’Asie côté terre

The freshwater streams, a very popular spot in the past, are located on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus near the Anatolian Fortress and the Küçüksu Pavilion commissioned by Sultan Abdulmecid I.

The two streams, Küçüksu and Göksu, both empty into the Bosphorus and they used to be a much appreciated place of relaxation during the Ottoman Empire.

People who wanted to escape the summer heat came here for a picnic, a ride in a caique, a romantic rendezvous or simply to rest while listening to musicians.

Many French writers such as Gérard de Nerval, Lamartine and Pierre Loti mentioned the streams in their books.

Today Küçüksu looks different since it has been canalised and ends its journey to the sea in a concrete pipe.

Göksu however has kept some of its old charm and remains a pleasant place to have lunch while admiring the scenery or to go for a boat ride. Several magnificent Ottoman mansions, as well as the Anatolian Fortress that emerges from the background, will certainly catch your eye.

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