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Galata Mawlawi House Museum

on 14/02/2014
Galata Mawlawi Museum

Galata Mawlawi Museum

      It is the first Mawlawi House in İstanbul  (1491) where was built by Divane (Semai) Mehmed (Chalabi) Dede, Sheikh of Afyon Mawlawi House, on a land at Galata ridge whose Iskender Pasha owned during the reign of Bayezid II (birth 1481 AH -1512 CE)The building was swayed by the big earthquake in İstanbul (1509) otherwise known as “little doomsday”; repaired and renovated and turned out to be a complex of building after new sections added.
The first known reparation was the Construction Work in the Mawlawi House by the Fiduciary of the Kitchen   Ismail Ağa.  The oldest property that has survived today is Hasan Agha Fountain which is dated to 1649.The Mawlawi house was destroyed in the big fire at Tophane (1765)  and repaired in the same year by Yenişehirli Osman Efendi  who was designated as the buildings’ fiduciary  by Sultan  Mustafa  III. The Mawlawi house was renovated by reparations which were financed by Sultan Selim III (birth, 1789 AH -1807 CE) , after Sheikh Galib’s chair period began in 1791.In the 19 century, the Mawlawi House turned out to be current configuration by the constructions during the reign of Mahmud II (birth 1808 AH -1839 CE) in 1819 and 1835; in the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid (birth 1839 AH  -1861 CE) 1851-1852 and in the years of 1959-1960.
The function as Mawlawi House was ceased due to The law no 677 and dd. 13 December 1925; on closure of dervish lodges, hospices and shrines and on abolition and banning to the shrine offices and particular titles and the buildings were began to use as a school by Arbitrament from Istanbul Principal Council on Galata Mawlawi House’s converting to a school.  After being used as the 35th Elementary school, although it was transferred of the title to the Educational Department for “being a museum” by Arbitrament from the  Cabinet  on  2 October 1946; opening was only became possible after receiving visitors under the title of “Divan Literature Museum” on  27 December 1975.
Between 2005-2009, The Sema House was restorated under the control of Provincial Department for Foundations.
Halet Said Efendi (Kudretullah Dede) Tomb and Sheikh Ghalib (Ismail Ankaravi) Tombs were restorated and The Museum started to receive visitors by Ministry of Culture and Tourism and with the contributions of İstanbul 2010 European Cultural Capital Agency.
Source : http://www.galatamevlevihanesimuzesi.gov.tr/

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