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Odunpazari Historical Urban Site

on 17/01/2014

Odun pazari houses

        During the Dorylaion war in 1097, I. Izzeddin Kilicarslan encamped in Odunpazari which later resulted in establishment of a new settlement in Eskisehir. “Odunpazari Historical Urban Site” is located at the northern slope of a series of hills, forming the southern boundary of Eskisehir Plain. The average slope of terrain is up to %25. This feature differentiates Odunpazari from the rest of the city’s flat terrain.

The nominated site is located within the boundaries of Odunpazari District, covering an area of 268.728 m² with 226.845 m² buffer zone.

Odunpazari has historical indications from the periods of Seljuk, Ottoman and Turkish Republic; such as Alaaddin Mosque (1271), Kursunlu Mosque Complex (1525), Haci Hasan Mosque (13th century) etc. Being one of the few religious centers of Anatolia, the Kursunlu Mosque Complex located at the centre of the site and built by Palace Architect Acem Ali has a basic characteristic of Ottoman architecture. The complex today includes Eskisehir Handicraft Center where almost extinct traditional handicrafts -such as hand writing, gilding, marbling, miniature and reed flute- are performed through master-apprentice system. The complex also includes the world’s only Meerschaum Museum where the most beautiful examples of Turkish and foreign meerschaum artists are exhibited.

The konaks, historical residences that constitute very special examples of traditional civil architecture, express the family life and traditions of the time. Fountains are also other important urban elements that regulate and shape the traditional patterns of Turkish neighborhoods and social relationships.

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