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The Ishak Pasha Palace in Doğubayazıt

on 15/07/2013

The Ishak Pasha Palace at Doğubayazıt

Outside the city of Doğubayazıt, on the eastern border of the country, lies the magnificent Ishak Pasha palace. It appears in a bare and almost lunar landscape.At an altitude of over 2000 meters and situated just a few kilometers from the borders of Turkey with Armenia and Iran, this enchanting site was built over a very long time. The site was in 1684 under the orders of Governor Çolak Abdik Paşa and was completed a century later in the reign of Ishak Pasha II, the governor’s son, for whom the place is named.
This little wonder, consşstşng of local yellow and brown stone is a blend of architecture from various sources, including Seljuk, Ottoman, Georgian, Armenian and Persian.
The palace is built around two large courtyards. After crossing the beautiful ornate gate, one enters the first courtyard which was used for visitors as well as for caravans delivering goods.
The second courtyard holds many attractions including the mosque, separate men and women apartments as was the custom and the hall for meetings. The tomb of Çolak Abdik Paşa is outside the mosque.
From its heyday, the palace contained more than 366 parts and the gold plates that covered some doors are visible today in St. Petersburg, at the Hermitage Museum. They were stolen in 1917 by the Russians.
One of the most beautiful pieces which remains is undoubtedly the dining room of the harem checkered in many different styles as well as bas-relifs.
Tourists also linger to contemplate the different design and competing wealth around each gate of the palace.
It is interesting to note that despite its remote location, the equipment of the premises was more modern, with a central heating system, running water and an outlet for sewage.
Before leaving, visitors must take a look at the ruins of the fortress dating from the Urartian period (XIII -.. XIV BC) and the mosque of the early sixteenth century. Both buildings are located across from the main gate of the palace.
The palace will look to the legendary Mount Ararat whose summit is forever on the horizon.

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