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Pergamon and its ancient ruins are among the most beautiful in Turkey

on 19/06/2013


Small town of Bergama is a province of İzmir, nestled among the vineyards and olive groves, which is a must for lovers of ancient ruins.

Formerly named Pergamum, it was one of the most prestigious and prosperous cities of the Hellenistic world, even rivaling Alexandria and Rome.

 The charming old town is home to beautiful old houses and the majestic “Red Basilica” (Kızıl Avlu). These red brick remains belong to a temple which was dedicated to the Egyptian gods in the second century and later converted into a basilica.

 Within a walking distance (about 2 km), is the sanctuary of Asclepeion. It is located in a military zone and houses the remains of an important Roman structure, a physical and mental health treatment center.

Galen, a Pergamum native, made the place famous. The tour begins with the beautiful cobblestone alley called Via Tecta Avenue decorated with ornate colonnades.

The two temples, The Asclepius and The Télesphore, give the traveler an idea of the amount of care provided here. A little further, on the other side of the central plaza, you can admire the impressive theater.

Upon completing the tour of the lower town remains, the Acropolis which is perched on a hill 6 km north of the center, should be your next stop.

At about 300 m in height, the site’s stunning beauty is a delight to the eyes. Do not forget to admire the elegant temple of Trajan built during the reigns of Hadriana and Trajan, which was also dedicated to Zeus. The old library with marble columns housed over 200,000 books in the third century BC.

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