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Assos and Behramkale, two tiny jewels on the Aegean coast

on 19/06/2013


The Aegean region has no shortage of scenic spots and among them, about a hundred kilometers south of Canakkale, is the acropolis of Assos. The village of Behramkale, located a few kilometers away in the hills, is also a must to visit.

The surrounding scenery is composed of hills and arid plateaus welcoming flocks of goats that graze in the shade of olive trees.

The medieval village of Behramkale perched above the surrounding bays seems almost asleep. It is a nice walk around the cobbled slope streets admiring the superb stone houses and roofs covered with tile.

A little higher, about 240 m above sea level, are the remains of the acropolis of Assos. The columns of the Temple of Athena, built in 530 BC await you at the top of the hill. The view of the coast and the nearby Greek island of Lesbos is breathtaking, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Many boulders are scattered in the agora located below.
Between Assos and Behramkale are the remains of an ancient theater built around 250 AD While going down to the port, a lovely stone bridge dating from the fourteenth century spans the nearby river and offers a bucolic image.

Assos, founded in the seventh century BC by Greeks from all around the islands, has become a popular place for residents of Istanbul and Izmir. They come here to spend a dream weekend getaway.

Almost all of the older granite properties have been converted into hotels.
The harbor is a place to stroll with its colorful fishing boats carefully arranged along the dock on a sunny day, for the fans of this postcard.

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