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Amasya, one of the most beautiful cities in Anatolia

on 30/05/2013


The city of Amasya, situated on the banks of the river Yeşilırmak, about 120 km south of Samsun on the Black Sea, is undoubtedly one of the finest Anatolian cities.Amasya held an important place throughout history and became the capital of the kingdom of Pontus in 281 BC to 64 BC. It was the birthplace of Strabo, the famous geographer.
Its Seljuk past includes the Gök medrese mosque built in 1266, an old Koran school. Similarly, darüşşifa, dating from the early fourteenth century, has a beautiful door, finely crafted in a style typical of Seljuk architecture. It was once a hospital to treat the mentally ill with music, and is now converted into a restaurant.
The monuments erected during the Ottoman Empire are particularly numerous in Amasya. Several mosques,including Beyazit Pasha and Sultan Beyazit Mehmet Paşa are worth a visit.
The medrese Büyük Aga located just after the bridge and clock tower still hosts a Koranic school that opens its doors to a pretty courtyard.
Along the left bank, a string of superb Ottoman houses, covered with tile roofs are reflected in the water. They dress this postcard landscape amid a rocky outcrop. Emerging from this rocky landscape are the walls of an ancient citadel. It is a little difficult to reach but has a magnificent view of the entire city.
The tombs carved into the rock house the kings of Pontus.
Returning to the city center, on nearly every street corner the view is drawn, by a former caravanserai, there by another Bethel, steam or property of another era, creating a tone truly authentic in this charming town.
Beside the citadel is a walk to soak up the countless treasures of Amasya, little known by tourists.
A pleasant walk along the right bank,uncovers many statues which allow a better understanding of the personalities that have marked the history of the city. When night falls, the lighting of the tombs and buildings erected along the river brings a totally romantic touch.

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