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Soccer is the king of sports in Turkey

on 29/05/2013

Besiktas fans before match

When you get to know the Turkish people, one of the first questions you are asked about is your fondness for football and in particular what team you support. It goes without saying that this sport is part of the daily life of almost everyone.

        It is easy enough for even a novice to know which team among the best known of the Super League championship will be on the field on game nights. Simply observe the colors of jerseys and accessories supporters that you will not fail to cross the street or in public transport.
Black and white are the colors of Beşiktaş, yellow and red,Galatasaray, navy and yellow symbolize Fenerbahçe. These are the three most famous names of Istanbul.
Several hours before the start of the game, fans can be found in restaurants, bars or specific places near the stadium where their favorite players play. Around the well filled plates and glasses, songs stood out loud regularly.
The show is omnipresent. Makeup is prominently displayed on the faces of of men and women of all ages. The head scarves are enclosed or covered with little discrete hats, protected by a neck scarfs, the primary objective is to show membership.
The atmosphere around the stadiums is enhanced by the vendors offering all accessories for the perfect support of your team and the smoke that emerges from vendors selling Köfte sandwiches, grilled meatballs accompanied by tomatoes and peppers.
Football in Turkey is a family affair and children are taught by their family at an early age.
Even if you do not particularly enjoy this sport, you can hardly ignore it as it is part of everyday life.

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