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A cave church in Cappadocia among others, one of Gülşehir

on 23/05/2013

The Church of St. John

     A couple miles from Nevsehir Airport to Cappadocia lies Gülşehir, a small town that has two little-known attractions, including a church in all beauty.

Entrance of John’s Church

The palace open “Acik Saray”, composed of several monastic churches cave is located about 3 mi. from the center towards the south.
Halfway towards the city center, a sign reads “Karsi Kilise”, the Church of St. John, whose exterior gives no idea of the beauty lurking inside.

It is in 1212 that this place of worship on two levels and no visible window from outside, has been achieved. On the ground floor, the nave, adorned with just a few basic geometric designs, houses, besides a few graves, a wine cellar…

The spiral metal staircase, even if not the most beautiful effect, allows access to the most interesting ,the upper level where ceiling and walls are covered with frescoes of great beauty.

Many passages of the Bible are told there and several saints represented in medallions.

The Lord’s Supper or the Betrayal of Judas

A restoration on years 1995-1996 by the Directorate General of Protection of Natural and Cultural Sites allowed to show the public the church with the scenes and mesmerizing color details.

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