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Kınalı, the first of the Princes’ Islands

on 09/05/2013

Kinali Island

     The first one of the islands that one sees coming from Istanbul by one of the many available means of maritime transport is Kinaliada topped with antennas, where the view and effect is not the most pleasing.
Its Turkish name means henna, which comes from the color of its cliffs. Earlier it was called Proti or Akoni. About a sqare mile in area, it is the fourth largest island after Buyukada.
Many Armenians are still living in their homes, which are located mainly in the middle and in the north and east residence of the village. Like other neighboring inhabited islands, some properties do not lack elegance, especially those near the pier.
The Armenian Church Surp Kirkor Lusavoriç located in the center, is easily recognizable by its white dome. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it has been restored in 1933.
On one of the three hills of Kinaliada the Greek Orthodox monastery Christos hosted Romanus IV Diogenes captured in 1071 by Michael VII Doukas in battle. The latter, after having put out his eyes, locked him there, in a monk’s robe.
Horses ensuring the delivery of equipment and supplies are part of everyday life, as well as bicycles.
Several beaches, including the visible pebbles near the pier, are crowded on sunny days.

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