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Various transportation options In Istanbul

on 09/05/2013

Istanbul Vapur

       The modes of transportation used to move in this megalopolis with its outsized geography are very diverse.

The traditional vapur connects the European side to the Asian while performing a constant ballet. In the early hours of the morning, you can use the “deniz otobüsü” – sea bus which provides faster travel over longer distances.
The sea taxi has also become a part of the landscape of Istanbul in recent years, but the prices are expensive. This form of travel may nevertheless be particularly interesting and original to many.
To avoid traffic jams that do not end at peak hours, remember to use the bus when possible or opt for the subway. The tram is also very convenient for tourists. In addition, these link to strategic points for connecting to other means of transport.
Some neighborhoods are also served by a very practical way of traveling, the dolmuş. This famous mini bus is an 8 seater and yellow in color that depart only when full.
The Metrobus is also very popular with Istanbulians, but the stations served are less touristy places. Nevertheless, it allows you to go on the Asian side and in the suburbs away from the center where it could previously sometimes take hours to travel.
The nostalgic tram in Istiklal as well as between Asia Kadikoy Moda is reminiscent of a bygone era. A disservice to those tired from walking and the crowd, it is appreciated by photographers.
Two funiculars help to avoid the many steep slopes of Galata and the rise of Kabataş in Taksim. The one called Tünel is the shortest and longest metro in the world, built by the French in 1870 and put into service five years later.
The Marmaray links Europe to Asia over a distance of 70 kilometers from under the sea. Climb aboard a commuter train as it still exists. Slow and picturesque, it runs along the Sea of Marmara on the two continents.
The list of ways Istanbulians transport themselves is not exhaustive. We can add the boats, the other mini-bus and of course taxi.

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