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A spring morning atmosphere in Sariyer port

on 26/04/2013

Sariyer port

      Sariyer is a friendly neighborhood of Istanbul, on the shores of the Bosphorus towards  the Black Sea, on the European side of the city.

It is good to walk along the fishing port where one or another trawler moves within the shadow of smaller boats.

On spring mornings, some men wander quietly, sometimes fingering a tesbih (string of beads) in hand and watching the surrounding life.

The street dogs visibly want to enjoy the sun and lay about shamelessly wherever they see fit.

Some fishermen benefit by the repair to the mesh of their nets, others wrap carefully. Two men are mounted on a pontoon carefully sawing a plank for their craft.

Head covered with a hat despite the soothing environment and a smile, a fisherman cleans a few fries and throws them back into the water to the delight of gulls who share the feast.

In a small port such as Sariyer, the show is permanent and enjoyable. And when you have enough images, nothing prevents you from prolonging the pleasure of quietly sipping tea in a nearby café or enjoying the fish seated on the terrace of one of the restaurants along the port.

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