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Weekly market Tire, a must in this area

on 16/04/2013

Weekly market Tire

     If you enjoy the typical markets that reflect the culture of a region, the Tire, a small Aegean town located less than forty kilometers north-east of Selcuk, will certainly fill the bill.

Every Tuesday, for many years, more than 1,700 farmers from the surrounding villages offer some sixty local products to their customers sometimes from far away. Indeed, residents of Izmir, Kusadasi and Selçuk do not hesitate to go the distance to make provision for fresh and often unique products available here.

For the passing tourist, this is undoubtedly one of the most authentic markets that they will be able to see in Tire. Whether the major downtown or narrow alleys, sidewalks are flooded by the morning with producers who display their goods, often on the floor.

Overflowing bags, crates filled with board or pieces of cloth, everything is good to present the harvest of each individual.
If the amount of products offered for sale is important, delivery to Tire are made by tractors and then you can imagine the joyful commotion that it will create when they just turn around and park on the spot.

The faces are also interesting as much as the merchandise. Tanned by the sun, drawn by age, no lack of pace. The outfits are local and colorful.

It is a pleasure to browse the aisles without specific purpose, just to look, smell, taste some cheese or olive, buy some fresh fruit to taste, admiring the shapes of vegetables.

You will also discover in the market of Tire rare or unknown vegetables and herbs that cooks use with unparalleled knowledge in their regional secret recipes sometimes. Lumps of butter and cheese do not lack pace. I do not even talk about bread and peasants of all specialties found there would be a real endless inventory.

Spend some time also dining in one of the many cafes in the city to enjoy the permanent show of this market, because it is indeed a most entertaining and popular theater.

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