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Barbers and hairdressers in Turkey, a place of regular appointment

on 15/04/2013

Barber in Turkey

      Whether in Istanbul or across the country, hairdressers (“kuaför” in Turkish) and barbers (berber) are ubiquitous in Turkey.

Getting there is part of the customs of men who are thus cut hairs, trim mustache and beard then out like new!

Even when you’re working late or your daily schedule is overbooked, you can easily find rooms open until late. The majority also welcome you on Sunday.

Waiting your turn, you can enjoy a leisurely hot tea while reading the newspaper or watching television, essential accessory for any self-respecting hairstylist.

Depending on the neighborhood, the lounges are shiny or can no longer obsolete. As soon as the sun comes out, the latter benefit to dry out towels. In Anatolia, the wood stove or charcoal often throne in the middle, as in cafés.

More Turkish barbers also provide their male clientele facials and masks. By cons, it is very rare to find mixed exhibitions in Turkey.

Get a haircut and shave close is an experience that we recommend you, gentlemen. You will have fewer problems than these ladies to understand what you want as an appetite …

One Response to “Barbers and hairdressers in Turkey, a place of regular appointment”

  1. It’s impressive in Turkey barbers dry towels on the sun in front of the barber shop. I don’t think this idea will work is Ireland 😉

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