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8th Tulip Festival is in full swing in Istanbul

on 15/04/2013
Istanbul Tulip Festival

Istanbul Tulip Festival

    The tulip emblem of the city of Istanbul, is honored on April 1. Indeed, the 8th edition of the Tulip Festival has begun and the winter was particularly mild, the flowers have sprouted earlier than in previous years.

The parks department of the mayor of Greater Istanbul planted no less than 14,420,000 bulbs around the city. 270 different varieties of tulips delight the eye, providing a colorful and attractive view.

The origin of the Dutch tulip is not as one would tend to believe, but is Turkish. The name Lali, as the tulip was initially called later becomes lale. The flower is beloved by various sultans and is offered a place in the gardens of the Ottoman fleets from the sixteenth century who discovered and brought to the Anatolian region located near the Black Sea. Suleiman the Magnificent was a great lover of flowers and was the first sultan to have honored the tulip.

Throughout the month of April, residents and tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of tulips that flood the road along the Sea of Marmara from Ataturk Airport, as Sultanahmet, Gülhane Park or in Emirgan Park.

On the Asian side, many public spaces are decorated for a few weeks by multitudes of species of varying colors. Park Beykoz and then Göztepe is usually known for its tulips after those are Büyük and Küçük Çamlıca to mention only a few of the best known places. Tulips are part of everyday life for the greatest happiness of all.

Every year, the amount of bulbs planted in Istanbul significantly increases and the number has quadrupled in the past eight years.

Photographers are at the party, one just has to listen to the clicks around, including Emirgan invaded by the crowd on the weekends. If it is important to you to immortalize these quiet models, it will be good to get there early.

Various events, concerts and exhibitions are also available everywhere to honor the symbolic flower of Istanbul.

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