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Arnavutköy, charming neighborhood of Istanbul

on 25/03/2013


       Arnavutköy, otherwise known as “the village of Albanians” is a charming district of Istanbul located on the European side just after the bridge over the Bosphorus.

During a walk on the strait, you cannot fail to marvel at the stunning yalı skewer, the famous wooden villas dressed in lace that are the hallmark of Arnavutköy.

Formerly Promoutou and Mikhailaion, it housed a long time large community of Greek origin. They are nevertheless Albanians that have adopted customs and worship. Greek is the origin of the current name of the city.

Today, it is not more than the Greek Taksiarhi Orthodox Church located in the center of the neighborhood. The building seen today was built in 1834 to replace the one destroyed by fire in 1677.

     Close to the church is the oldest Greek school of Strait, whose origin dates back to before 1750, when we find it mentioned in the acts of the time.

It is good to walk down the staircases and lanes of the district, with your nose to the wind to fully appreciate the architecture of countless homes but also the surrounding vegetation.

If you like the atmosphere of the neighborhood markets, they take place every Tuesday in the heights of Arnavutköy.

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