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The Çamlık train museum in the Aegean

on 28/02/2013

The Çamlık train museum

      Located on the county limits of Selçuk, on the road to Aydın, there is a treasure unknown to the general public, the Çamlık train museum

Çamlık, formerly called Aziziye, hosted the first railway line conducted in 1856 by the English between Izmir and Aydin. At the same time as the station was built, a building to repair and maintain the trains on this line was also constructed.

Today, the train no longer stops in Çamlık since 1991. The nostalgic rail enthusiast will delight in coming to stroll and admire the magnificent locomotives which are the wealth of the museum train. The oldest locomotives date from 1887 to the most recent in 1952.

Indeed, thirty-three locomotives of German, English, French, American, Swedish and Czechoslovak manufacture are exhibited here in a well-maintained park.

Among the models exposed there is a locomotive of English manufacture which consists of three pistons and is fueled by wood. It was built at the request of Hitler during the Second World War. There are only two copies in the world.

Four winches, water pumps, a fuel tanker, a passenger carriage, a repair shop, restrooms from 1850 and an old tunnel 900 meters long are visible here.

Occasionally among the visitors, one meets a former railroad worker who came to the museum with his grandchildren to tell the stories of the past.

The white train used in 1936 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founding father of the Republic of Turkey to get to Çamlık is also exhibited here. In one of the rooms, old photographs recount the visit as a part of an outbuilding where all the walls are covered with photos and newspaper articles describing the event.

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