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The staircase Camondo in Istanbul

on 27/02/2013

The staircase Camondo

       In the Galata district of Istanbul, via Banks Avenue, a strange staircase connects this way street to the one located just above. This is the staircase Camondo, the name of a Sephardic Jewish family originally from Constantinople.

Between the Second Empire and the Second World War, this family became famous in Turkey in the financial sector. The stairs are of the same architecture as the famous nearby Bank Camondo Isaac & Co. which was built in 1850-60.

Bankalar Caddesi Street , formerly known street Voyyoda, is well connected to the street now become Camondo Street Banker by this strange stair. It is in this latter route dwells Nissim, a worthy family.

Camondo are also the owners of private homes and different workshops called Han and where they can be accessed more easily by taking the stairs.

Made art-nouveau style – as were many buildings in Pera during the following decades, this stair presents the original form for the time at least a touch avant-garde.

In 1868, Camondo developed their business and banking activity in the French capital where they were installed a year later.

The staircase Camondo was given to the municipality and is now taken daily by residents, workers and many tourists take the opportunity to immortalize these stairs.

It became a symbol of the district of Beyoğlu and is one of the few vestiges of the “Rothschild of the East” as they called this family which left no descendants to this day.

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