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Istanbul Mihrimah Sultan Mosque by Architect Sinan

on 05/02/2013

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

      Mihrimah Sultan Mosque located in Edirnekapı, near the walls of the historical part of Istanbul is little known. This mosque, Signed by Sinan, the greatest Ottoman architect of all time, like the mosque of Soliman the Magnificent, Rüstem Paşa, both well-known to tourists.

It was built in 1562-1565 by order of Sultan Suleiman for Mihrimah, his only daughter, whose mother is the famous Roxelane.

At the time, a large complex surrounded the mosque, including a Koranic school, several shops, two Turkish baths and a fountain.

The prayer room is located under the imposing dome of 60 ft diameter perched 120 feet high surrounded by 3 smaller domes. Light penetrates to the interior through 161 windows spread over the four facades.

Sinan used quality materials for the realization of this mosque, mother of pearl and ivory dress wooden doorways , mihrab and minbar are made of best marble.

After the devastating earthquake of 1999 in Istanbul, this mosque was severely affected. It was closed to worship for lack of stability. Many stones and parts of the mihrab as well as pieces from the main dome fell regulary and multiple cracks appeared in the walls.

As for the windows, some have disappeared providing gaping holes, others are chipped. Doors and even the towering marble columns both internal and external, were damaged.

Mid-November 2010, the mosque Mihrimah Sultan was finally able to reopen its doors after 11 years of faithful restoration.

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