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Turkish coffees of all kinds

on 29/01/2013

Turkish Coffee

At any time of the day or night, Turkish cafes are always full.

       Whether it is in the morning, reading a newspaper quietly while sipping the first tea of the day with a simit or other snacks, or to meet friends and play dice, backgammon or cards in the evening, or simply to take the time to chat with friends, this is a real institution in Turkey.

There are many different kinds of cafes.  The most common being Çayhane – Tea bars – and Çay Bahcesi – tea garden. The first are mainly indoors with sometimes a few stools or chairs outside, while çay Bahcesi are all out-of-doors.

They are particularly popular on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, but can also be found in public places or in the shade of mosques.

Because of their strategic location, they are a relaxing spot and also a place to observe the surrounding landscape as the hustle and bustle of the city passes by.

Some people spend hours or even the whole day, especially during retirement when one does not necessarily engage in occupations other than killing time drinking tea after tea and playing cards.

This is also part of the art of living in the East, idleness and taking the time to relax.  What a pleasure indeed for us Westerners who run permanently after the clock.

I invite you, during your next stay in Turkey, whether in Istanbul or elsewhere, to enjoy these places where lively conversation connects easily with the unknown and you will find yourself sitting as long as if you like.

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