Fouilltes de Sagalassos

Gypsy Florists of Istanbul

on 19/12/2012

Florists Roman of Istanbul

        Hawkers of all kinds are in the four corners of the city. Among them, a category of hand florists. Among the Roma settled for decades in Istanbul, a number in this occupation are nice compared to many others.

They spread their vessels or their plastic pots and even old cans for families, filled with flowers of all colors and all kinds.

Whether Taksim, where they have long covered areas rehabilitated by the city a few years ago in the ascent to the place or the other side of it near major hotels, or near to Üsküdar pier, these passageways are important.

These vendors, because they are mostly women, sometimes adorned with a cigarette between her lips, their eyes staring at you from time to time with no hardness, but often with more gently than you do , fear neither heat nor cold.

Local merchants often offer them tea throughout the day, during those long hours where they await the barge preparing miniture bouquets under five flowers.

They are truly part of the landscape of Istanbul, despite the increase in recent months of very modern mini-shops where you can buy or deliver bouquets and plants.

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