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Istanbul prepares for the holiday season

on 17/12/2012


            Although 99% of the Turkish population is Muslim, the European tourist who comes to Istanbul in December finds the traditional images of the month of December.

In fact, more or less decorated Christmas trees and heavily colored wreaths, sometimes decorated with slogans, dress squares and streets of the city.

The shop windows are also at the party and it is not uncommon to see pot-bellied Santas of all sizes welcome you to the doorstep.

In some districts where members of the Christian communities live more particularly, decorative accessories have a touch more authentic than the streets or shopping centers.

In Turkey, it is customary that one gives gifts on December 31th and the habit has grown commercially over the last decade. As of 10 years ago, storefronts and pine trees were decorated for the occasion ten days before the end of the year, where in the present  this is a month or more before the deadline they entice customers …

The numerous churches of Istanbul have also established their nztivity scenes that many come to admire not only the tourists but also the inhabitants of the city. It is Christmas and Easter that these places of worship are submerged faithful but also curious to witness the celebration and share a moment in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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