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Cappadocia, an unique region of Turkey

on 14/12/2012


          If you are sensitive to the beauties of nature combined with those created by the hand of man, the Cappadocia region of Turkey located in central Anatolia, is certain to dazzle and surprise you.


Vast plateau of three volcanoes and tuff lunar relief designed by thousands of years of erosion have shaped its unique landscapes in the world, Cappadocia leaves no one indifferent as its beauty is immense.

Natural elements have carved valleys where there hoodoos, funny pointed hats covered with basalt, sometimes surprising forms have free rein to your imagination …

The colors of the landscape varies continuously in very soft tones and When it’s sunset, especially above the peak of the pretty town of Uchisar, the nuances saw the pink ocher.

The hundreds of caves once inhabited by humans are the hidden face of Cappadocia. But they also welcomed the hermits from the 4th century AD, and dozens of Byzantine churches and monasteries in which post-iconoclastic paintings have survived over the centuries to offer to us today.

Many underground cities have been places of refuge to the population and are now open to the public.

The lofts built mostly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries on top of fairy chimneys are an asset less known but important in Cappadocia. The dove, symbol of the spirit of God for Christians and peace sign in the eyes of Islamic beliefs, also an ecological role of size, the droppings are harvested and used as fertilizer for the gardens of Eden in the region.

The Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of this region which covers 40 km2 are registered as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1985. These places are spending visitors from around the world in search of the beauties of the planet earth.

 Hikers are spoiled, be it the Valley of Roses or White, that of Love or of the Pigeon to name a few, paths abound.

An unforgettable experience is to discover these wonders from the sky balloon. At dawn, dozens of multicolored balloons rising well above Uchisar and Goreme to name a few places for a trip to Wonderland.

Similarly, a stay in a cave room will remain a perpetual remembrance.

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