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Hasankeyf, a treasure under threat on the banks of the Tigris River

on 13/12/2012


    Hasankeyf is a village located about thirty miles southeast of the city of Batman in southeastern Turkey, changes every visitors lives. Here you find one of Mesopotamia’s most ancient and beautiful treasures.

Inhabited since time immemorial, thousands of troglodyte caves are scattered on both sides of the famous Tigris river. An old citadel built by the Ayyubid dynasty in the thirteenth century overlooks the river from its 150 m height.

The bridge composed of an arch and three piers, erected by an Artuqid lord in early 12th century, is a feast for your eyes.

The tomb of Zeynel Bey, covered by turquoise ceramics (mid XV century), is the only monument of its kind still existing in Anatolia.

El Rizk mosque erected in 1409 by an Ayyubid Sultan and the mosque Sulayman in the center of the village are also among the major works seen today …. But until when?

The jewel, Hasankeyf is threatened by the Ilisu dam project which should be completed in the coming years. The citadel will be just an island at the end of the project.
The main monuments could be moved to the heights of the neighboring shore, as was the case for the temple of Abu Simbel and Philae Island in Egypt.

Just for this reason, enjoy visiting this place which is among one of the finest sites in Turkey to immortalize it in your memories.

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