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Istanbul 2020 Olympic bid logo

on 12/08/2012

Istanbul was officially named a candidate to host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020. The official logo of 2020 Istanbul is selected with online poll.

2020 Istanbul Olympics Logo

2020 Istanbul Logo

Two of the symbols on the logo are tulip and the silhouette of Istanbul. The bottom part of the tulip figure represents Asia, while the top part represents Europe. Orange color reflects sunset in Istanbul and Turquoise is identified with Turkish culture. The ground-colors stress out the modernity of Istanbul and vibrant face, with its historical, natural and cultural features.

The National Olympic Committee of Turkey (NOCT) announced the selection of Istanbul as Turkey’s candidate on July 2011.  Hasan Arat, a leading member of the Istanbul 2020 bid and vice-president of the Turkish NOC, said: “The last decade has been a period of spectacular development for Turkey; now we are ready to deliver a truly world-class Games. Our dramatically enhanced Application File is the culmination of 20 years’ bidding experience with lessons learned and improvements made along every step of the way.
“The time is right for Istanbul: we have a world-class team of domestic and international experts, with the unequivocal backing of every level of government, and a firm financial footing in Europe’s fastest-growing economy. Turkey is better placed than ever to realise its Olympic dream.”

Istanbul Marathon

Istanbul Marathon: Athletes crossing the Bosphorus Bridge, between Europa and Asia

Turkey’s candidacy was announced officially by Prime Minister Erdogan on August 13, 2011

The 2020 Olympic venue will be chosen in a vote by full IOC members on September 7, 2013 at the 125th IOC session in Buenos Aires.


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