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The Turkish Tarhana

on 25/07/2012

During the summer, especially in Central Anatolia, Boiling Tarhanait is common to see extensive red patties drying on flakes in front of houses.

This is actually the tarhana, a specialty made from natural bulgur whose original name seems to come from Persian tarkhâne and that evolved in different places. You can find similar specimen in Iraq as the kushuk, Egypt under the name Kishk, in Albania it is called trahana and in Greece trakhanas.

Large pots called Kazan are used to cook bulgur in sour milk which is added to ayran, a mixture of yoghurt, water and salt.

Cooking will be done on a wood fire until it boils and women go stir constantly for 3 to 4 hours. When mixture sticks to the spatula, this is a good sign!

The next morning, the dough is kneaded crafted by hand and amount of cakes will be made up one by one.

It’s a long process made by several people generally.

The famous patties can be eaten as is or used to make the tarhana soup in which vegetables, particularly tomatoes will be added.

The sour taste that results from this original preparation is not always appreciated by some palate, test for yourself!

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