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Hawkers of all kinds of Istanbul

on 03/07/2012

For he who comes to visit Istanbul for the first time,  he will be surprised by the number of street vendors wandering the streets.

Small street trades have countless varieties and also are offering very important ways to number of people to support their families and to serve at the same time the needs of the population.

Some wander with their goods by hand or on shoulders, offering an assortment of household brooms or colorful balloons to children at will.

Others push a cart topped with seasonal fruit or expect to serve the customer with baked or roasted chestnuts in water.

Vendors offer stuffed mussels by dozen and when soccer matches are held, the merchants of köfte sandwiches – grilled meatballs – are plentiful around the stadiums.

In summer, you can buy watermelons and melons from barges serving their neighborhoods with a cart pulled by a horse.

In the touristic areas of the city, men in traditional dress carry on their backs large utensils curiously houses Sahlep in winter, a delicious drink based on orchid extract, and lemonade or cherry juice in summer.

Women sell packets of tissues, roses and some cheap jewelry, other seeds to give the pigeons…

Stronger still is the adaptability to weather. Indeed, when it rains you will not struggle to buy an umbrella sold in almost every street corner and when it’s cold, the same seller will offer scarves and socks!

And if you want to try your luck, you will find raffle tickets very easily too!

The list of everything that is sold on the street is endless, you can realize for yourself by looking around you!

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