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The Turkish Tarhana

During the summer, especially in Central Anatolia, Boiling Tarhanait is common to see extensive red patties drying on flakes in front of houses.

This is actually the tarhana, a specialty made from natural bulgur whose original name seems to come from Persian tarkhâne and that evolved in different places. You can find similar specimen in Iraq as the kushuk, Egypt under the name Kishk, in Albania it is called trahana and in Greece trakhanas. Read the rest of this entry »

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Diyarbakir City Walls

Diyarbakir City Walls

The city of Diyarbakır, located in the south-eastern Turkey on the Tigris River,  reveals many of its often ignored treasures only to those who take the time to discover.

The basalt color of most of its monuments could give the city a wry face, as its difficult economic situation, and yet …

The history of this city dates back to around 1500 BC and many nations, for example the Hurrian kingdom of Read the rest of this entry »

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Hawkers of all kinds of Istanbul

For he who comes to visit Istanbul for the first time,  he will be surprised by the number of street vendors wandering the streets.

Small street trades have countless varieties and also are offering very important ways to number of people to support their families and to serve at the same time the needs of the population. Read the rest of this entry »


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