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The Dark Church in the Goreme Open Air museum

on 24/06/2012

The Goreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia which is classified as World Heritage by Unesco, is the main point of visiting this unique part of Turkey.
Upon opening, the site is invaded by thousands of tourists from around the world and if you are alone, it is better to come in mid-afternoon when the groups are gradually leaving the site.
The monastery contains an impressive number of chapels and churches, and a stunning beauty, Karanlik Kilise, “the Dark Church”.
To get there, visitors must pay an additional ticket that can significantly reduce the number of people who have the privilege of admiring.
A team of French, Italian, Polish and Turkish restorators worked there for a dozen years to restore its original presence.
In the fourth century, three Saints from Cappadocia (Basil the Great, Bishop of Kayseri, his brother Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory of Nazianze) gave birth to ideas and forms of Christianity.
Basil decides to live a rudimentary life away from the population. For this, he retired in caves right here and where he sets up daily rituals of prayer in community.
Karanlik Kilise date of the late eleventh or early twelfth century. A narrow staircase winding provides access to the narthex of rectangular shape with a cross plan.
As is often the case in Cappadocia, the nave has an barrel vault. The great room has four columns and three apses and all the walls are covered with beautiful paintings representing biblical scenes.
Of the Nativity to the crucifixion through the Adoration of the Magis, the baptism, the betrayal of Judas, the visitor remains with blissful face in front of such beauty preserved for centuries …

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