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Şakirin mosque in Üsküdar, only Turkish mosque decorated by a woman

on 06/06/2012

Sakirin Mosque

In the district of Üsküdar located on the Asian side of Istanbul, among the countless mosques dating from the Ottoman Empire era, Şakirin mosque has opened May 8, 2009.

It cuts drastically with all other religious buildings that have been accustomed to see in Turkey and for a good reason.

Built at the entrance of the huge cemetery Karaca Ahmet Mezarlıği, this is the only mosque in Turkey designed and decorated by a woman, Zeynep Fadillioglu.

This is the Turkish-Saudi siblings Gazi, Gassan and Ghada Sakir who entrusted to renowned architect, the construction of Şakirin camii, dedicated to their parents who loved Istanbul.

The  minarets are stripped with a futuristic line, and composite aluminum dome let the inner beauty of the place to be seen.

The prayer room is bathed in light and houses a mihrab colored gold and turquoise wtih a completely unusual rounded shape . It is surrounded by two libraries made of glass.

The minbar soars into the dome with light colors and lightweight materials… The chandelier is made of hundreds of drops of glass and topped with Koranic scripture in letters of gold and silver.

Built on an area of ​​10,000 m2, the Şakirin mosque can accommodate 500 worshipers. The Religion, architecture and traditions are happily married  in Üsküdar.

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