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The mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent in Istanbul, a masterpiece by Sinan

on 10/05/2012

Completed in 1557 by most famous Ottoman architect Sinan on top of one of the seven hills of Istanbul,Suleymaniye Mosque the Suleymaniye Mosque overlooks the Golden Horn with its four minarets ornamented with all ten balconies which are visible from far away.

With the request of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, Sinan created in seven years one of the masterpieces of the city that he only considers in his book as a work of a journeyman.

An impressive complex built around the mosque, has several medrese, kitchens, a hospital-asylum, a school of medicine, a caravanserai, a Turkish bath,…

The large dome, surrounded by two half-domes and many other smaller ones, all of them gives a great look.

Inside, the huge prayer hall is topped by a central dome over 26 meters in diameter and located about 50 meters in height.

The mosque has reopened in November 2010 after more than two years of extensive restorations that enhanced the magnificence of places and have improved so notorious ambient light.

A pleasant park surrounding the mosque allows enjoying a particularly nice view of the Golden Horn and the countryside.

Next to the building small cemetery contains also two mausoleums. The one of Suleiman and his wife Roxelana.


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