Fouilltes de Sagalassos

The Simit, to fill a hunger or tempt your appetite

on 09/05/2012

In Istanbul, and also throughout Turkey, on or near street corner , street vendors sell a curious bun, the simit.

Composed of flour, water, salt and yeast, the snack covered with sesame seeds  is enjoyed by natives nibbling or having as with a nice hot tea.

Plain, with olives or with a little cheese, it’s a cheap snack that you can fill yourself … or a small delicous bite.

Where did it came from, it is a great mystery! It seems that its birth dates back to the Ottoman Empire but when to be exact, no one really knows.

Everywhere, vendors are pushing a glazed red cart with the emblem of the city and  “simitci” written on the side which means “simit vendor” or equipped with a tripod upon which dozens of delicious and crispy simits are stacked.

Thousands are shaped and cooked at dawn and until mid-afternoon in bakeries in the city to be sold until late at night sometimes.

For several years despite the increase of stores belonging to retail chains, traditional simit merchants seems to yet have still a bright future ahead of them. Just watch their speed before the opening of business …

To supplement their income, the merchants often offer other hot cross buns or brioche,  cheese and bottles of fresh water and fruit juices alongside the simit.

Anyway, dont hesitate to taste a snack and “Afiyet olsun!”. Hope you’ll like it!

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