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Istanbul Sehzade Mosque, a work of Sinan

on 09/05/2012

Compare to the famous Blue Mosque and Süleymaniye,Sehzade  Mosque is not well known by the tourists, ottoman mosqueeven thogh it bears the signature of Sinan, the most famous Ottoman architect, and is near the Aqueduct of Valens.

Built at the request of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, is dedicated to the memory of his eldest son Mehmet, died of smallpox at the age of 21 in 1543.

The architect makes here its first imperial compound in Istanbul. 5 years of work are needed to build the mosque, library, two schools and a “imaret” pantry of the period. Everything has completed in 1548.

Sinan draws inspiration from the Hagia Sophia to achieve Sehzade he considers his work as an apprentice. He estimates that Mosque of Suleyman as the work of a journeyman and the famous Selimiye in Edirne as his masterpiece!

The dizzying dome of 19 m diameter being 37 meters high is surrounded by four half-domes … while Hagia Sophia are only by two.

The harmony and refinement are waiting for you! Moreover, when the daylight floods the prayer hall, the latter, which has no columns or gallery unlike other imperial mosques, finds himself enveloped in a warmth and an inviting tranquility for contemplation and to admire the beauty of the architecture.

Around the mosque, flanked by two elegant minarets is an Ottoman cemetery including two mausoleums that are unfortunately not open to the public.

A restaurant is located inside the old Koranic school at the rear of the park. You can taste Ottoman specialties in pretty small vaulted rooms, comfortably seated on kilim cushions.

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